10 Hindi Learning Apps

10 Hindi Learning Apps

On 14th September 1949, Hindi was chosen as the official (not national) language of India as it has the maximum number of Hindi speaking population in the world. In order to promote Hindi, it is taught as the compulsory subject in each and every school in India and as we know we are in the digitization era, we have a list of some interesting Hindi learning apps that are ideal for students and teachers.

Check out the list of top 9 Hindi speaking apps below:

  1. Learn Hindi. Speak Hindi: It is a quick fix that will teach you core Hindi words and Hindi phrases for conversation; just like a phrasebook along with some basic Hindi grammar lessons. It’s great for kids!The app allows you to learn Hindi sentences and expressions FREE with daily Hindi language lessons online. It is an effective way for beginners to study verbs, pronunciation and how to speak like a native with daily practice. The application includes some amazing features like Crystal-clear audio, Speech Recognition, Useful phrases, Verb conjunctions and much more.

2. Learn Hindi Quickly Free: It is rated as one of the best Hindi learning apps. This language learning app will not only help you learn Hindi grammar, but also will enable you to learn Hindi quickly. It has great audio-visual content and is very easy to use. It can also work as a travel app when you visit India. It can be your own travel phrasebook with the most frequently used phrases and words on tour. Some of its key features include a list of 1100+ most frequently used Hindi phrases and words, a fun quiz, Hindi flash cards etc.


3. Hindi Alphabet: Want to teach your kid how to speak Hindi? Looking for such applications developed specially for kids? Download Hindi Alphabet application and teach your kids all the alphabets available in Hindi. It includes lessons on Hindi verbs, vowels and consonants. It not only includes pictures but also allow you to draw and color alphabets for better and easier learning. Your kids will find it as a game and they will study too.


4. Learn Hindi Step by Step: The application Learn Hindi Step by Step includes, different features like the alphabet, Hindi Reading Practice, different quizzes, Hindi Vocabulary, Hindi Grammar and more. This app is helpful for teachers, students and parents; keeping in mind the fact that community plays a vital role in sustainable development.


5. Learn Hindi, 6000 words: As the name implies, the application contains more than 6000 words which you can learn and teach them to the kids. There is a unique feature in this application, known as “Spin” which includes different topics. You can select random topics from the available ones, as per your interest. The USP of this app is that it does not require internet connection.


6. Learn Hindi Lite: This app enables anyone who is not conversant with Hindi language, to learn the Hindi language. The app uses a simple style and replaces the beginner Hindi books completely. It is useful for children of all age groups — toddlers, kindergarten, pre-nursery, nursery who are learning Hindi letters and words. Now learn Hindi Shabdhkosh and Varnmala with fun.


7. Learn Hindi Vocabulary Free: Want to learn Vocabulary? Download Learn Hindi Vocabulary Free application and start teaching it to your kids, students. It is an interactive and easy to use application. You need to practice daily if you want best results. The application is beneficial for students, teachers, and parents. Some of its key features are: flashcard dictionary, Listening-onlymode, spaced repetitions helpful in memorizing and no internet connection required while learning.


8. Simply Learn Hindi: This application includes more than 300 phrases, words which you can learn. The experts from India upload lessons on various topics, audio lessons, quiz on various topics to test your Hindi reading and writing skills.


9. Learn Hindi Letters: This is a memory game that will help your kids easily memorize Hindi consonants. Through this app, the game-like feel is maintained in order to keep the students engaged. Learn and teach letters to your kids with this application.


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