Anibooks for early grade reading


Keeping in view the reality of television penetration in India, programming preference, and the massive challenge of weak-reading nationally, PlanetRead recommends subtitling children stories and videos, thus turning them into a daily read-along staple. Their approach involves integrating AniBooks (Animated Books) into the schools and lives of children in Grades 1-4, to support the development of reading skills, through daily, inescapable and automatic reading practice.
The complexity of the content keeps getting higher as one progresses from Grade 1 through grade 2 & 3 till grade 4. Content for grade 1 is very simple, the content for grade 2 remains simple but with the number of words going slightly higher. Stories for grade 3 have been restricted to around 250 words. They are simple, pleasant stories using several characters. For grade 4, the stories include many characters, and the number of words goes up to around 400.
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