Anurima Chatterjee


Education 3.0 and beyond: A learner-led experience of Education

Year of Publication 2014

Education technology  has seen  varied changes  resonating users’ social  experience and  interaction with the Web.  In line with the  various versions  of the Web  there is an  evolution of educational  processes asEducation 1.0, Education 2.0,  Education 3.0 and finally Education  4.0. This evolution draws  in from the ideas like progressivism and social constructivism. The ideas  of progressivism in education (as purported by thinkers like  John Dewey) talk about  how “learning by doing”  allows for a more  active environment for  learning where  the  learner  is able  to  develop  problem-solving and  decision-making  skills.  Social constructivism recognises that  culture plays a  large role in  cognitive processes and  learning (Vygotsky) and student  dialogue  and discussion  and collaborative  learning processes  are emphasised.  Technology

has  been a  catalyst  for these  ideas  in education,  wherein  content can  be  made more  meaningful  and interactive for the  learner and executed  even in operational constraints like  low availability (in quantum or quality) of teachers and teaching resources.