Bhanu Potta

India Board Director, Worldreader


Bhanu Potta is a board director & advisor, an accomplished expert on Global Products & Social Investments. Presently, Bhanu is the Board Member for Worldreader India and provides strategic direction to Worldreader’s work in India. He also advises Worldreader’s global senior management team on strategy, technology and organization development matters.

In a career spanning 23 years, Bhanu set up and successfully led global product programs & large scale social initiatives which cumulatively benefited over 250+ million people around Education and Healthcare. He is passionate about building businesses, products and development programs which enhance human potential. He has held senior positions at multi-nationals like Worldreader, Microsoft, Nokia, Perot Systems, Informatics Group & NIIT Group.

Sharing his time between India, Europe and the USA, Bhanu advises boards, enterprise CXOs, investors & start-up teams on building successful products and businesses. As an Angel Investor and Social Start-up advisor, he saw through three social start-ups from Idea to Market with multi-million dollar Series A rounds in the last two years in USA, Europe and India. He also sits on various boards as a Director and Advisor.