Dr Aditya Dev Sood

Chairman and Founder – Vihara Innovation Network


Aditya Dev Sood is Chief Mentor and General Partner at the Startup Tunnel (STun) Accelerator in New Delhi, India. He brings wide experience in user-centered design, product development, growth hacking, B2B sales, and all-around hustle to his work at the STun Accelerator. He looks for founder commitment, business vision, and team integrity.

STun’s portfolio includes 8 Minutes Solar, Delhi NCR’s leading solar company, Mr. Med, which can set up an ICU for you at home, and CollPoll, a social communications platform for universities and schools. Sood has also helped set up the Gates Foundation supported Bihar Innovation Lab focused on maternal and child health and the USAID-supported READ Alliance for early grade reading. He has two doctorates from the University of Chicago, is a former Fulbright Scholar, and an occasional gardener.