Early grade reading diagnostic tool


The existing language instruction approaches assume that there are certain set ways in which children learn. Most of them are not based on data or evidence of student misconceptions. And it is assumed that mother tongue language reading is easy as children can speak them fluently. However, assessment data highlights the need for custom tailored remedial solutions that recognize weak and strong reading skills of each individual child along with highlighting areas where children are making repeated mistakes.
This tool is based on the premise that data led instruction is more effective for personalized remediation. It provides data on where children falter in reading as well as comprehending, thereby stimulating the development of data driven solutions.
This tool is a web application and can be administered on a desktop, laptop or netbook. A teacher orientation is carried out for tool administration and classroom instructional practices based on student data. This tool has been modified based on iterated assessments and pilots in Rajasthan. Teachers were provided an orientation and a follow-up session on recommendations of instructional practices after analyzing student data.
Check out the Diagnostic tool here.