Happy Horizons Trust

About The Product/Innovation

Happy Horizons Trust (HHT) works to improve the quality of education in schools, in rural Bihar by focusing on the overall development of children in the primary schools at the foundation level. Their goal is to ensure that every child engaged through our programs would have developed age appropriate development in the following five areas, language development, cognitive development, motor skills development, interpersonal social skills development and creative development. By empowering adolescent girls through the Youth Leadership Development Program and engaging them in primary schools, they reduce the teacher-student gap and it enables the students to be more engaged in the classrooms. The empowered girls, engage with different stakeholders and bring about a systemic change driven by the strong belief in strengthening the primary school education at the grassroots level and drive overall development of children in primary schools. They use a mix of activities such as; interactive sessions on storytelling, activity-based learning, critical thinking etc. at primary schools. This results in personal and professional development of both the child and the fellows.

As part of the Education Innovation Mentorship Program, Happy Horizons plans to combine their ‘Project Jagriti’ and ‘Youth Leadership Development Program’ to improve the reading levels of 5,000 children across the project cycle. The program is based on the fact, that the children show higher interest to a person belonging to their local community and show higher levels of motivation towards learning, when engaged in fun sessions like storytelling and activity-based learnings.

Website:  https://happyhorizons.org