Jungroo Learning

About The Product/Innovation

Jungroo, is an artificial intelligence companion that generates insights to increase educator effectiveness by diagnosing micro level mastery information of students. Educators using Jungroo are better informed about their students and can diagnose students’ micro level mastery and create personalised learning paths. Teachers get customised teaching instructions, automatic grouping and learning level insights of students to plan their teaching better. They also support the management by providing school and organisational level reports at regular intervals throughout the academic year. The reports can be categorically customised with respect to student, section, grade and school.

Some of the highlights of their product includes a reusable and customisable assessment editor, faster diagnosis of mastery levels, continuous monitoring of student learning, system generated grouping based on mastery attained, customised teaching plans, customised reports and insights for educators and organisational heads. They are yet to start the activities in full swing, however have administered a pilot with more than 200 children in mathematics and have been successfully able to identify specific learning needs of the child.

Website:  https://www.jungroo.com