Kadam- Step-up Program Workbook

HPPI kadam

Kadam is a program for primary school students to improve upon their language skills, by particularly focusing on the reading competencies. It is designed by blending formal learning and skill-based experiences to engage students effectively during their course of study.
The duration of the program is spread out to six months, out of which, three months involve direct intervention of the Kadam facilitators, followed by the next three months of remote support. This self-paced student oriented, activity and outcome based program integrates skills with formal subject based learning of the students. It builds on the learner’s capacity and independence while using a comprehensive approach of imparting both, formal and thematic learning. HPPI has developed ‘Kadam – Art of Reading’ books based on the learning competencies in line with the NCERT guidelines. These books are divided into two levels – Level 1 and Level 2, where Level 1 (which includes Steps 1 – 4) caters to students in Grades 1 and 2 and Level 2 (which includes Steps 5 – 10) caters to students in Grades 3, 4 and 5.
Kadam – Art of reading book (Level1)
Kadam – Art of reading book (Level 2)
Teacher Manual (English)
Teacher Manual (Hindi)
Teacher Training Framework (Hindi)
To know more, please write to Tanmay Raj, Program Manager, HPPI at tanmay.humana@gmail.com.