KAU DAKE KA: A Fun Workbook for Children


Agragamee’s ‘Creative Learning Development Efforts’ program supported by READ Alliance seeks to address the complex set of problems which affect first generation leaners and readers across tribal districts of Odisha. This program is implemented through young mentors (Sikhsa Sathies) to serve as support teachers in short-staffed schools. Support teachers are trained centrally and equipped with TLMs (books, teaching aids etc) to implement the CLDE program.

Kau Dake Ka is a Teaching and Learning workbook developed by experts to make reading as easy and natural as learning a language. It is based on the idea that learning to read should begin with words that have a lot of meaning for the child. The child will easily learn it if it means something important to her. Instead of teaching the child alphabets, the workbook helps children understand the sound of alphabets by reading and writing names and words, already familiar to them. The child learns to read by writing. Thus, the child learns to write even before she can read.
This workbook is in Odiya and is a great resource for children beginning school. The workbook employs traditional folklore forms of songs, rhymes and dance to enhance language acquisition. This is a complete activity book for the child and children take their own time to complete it, depending on their learning levels.
For more details about the workbook, please click here. To access the entire workbook, please get in touch with Vidhya Das, Joint Director, Agragamee.
Contact details: vidhyadas@agragamee.org