Meraki Foundation

About The Product/Innovation

Meraki aims to create a community of parent leaders to improve access and quality of education. Their solution is a two-step process – Meraki Sprint and Meraki Relay. Meraki Sprint consists of in-person workshops and Do It Your (DIY) activities implemented at home. Content of workshops is based on principles developed at Center on Developing Child, Harvard University. At each workshop, parents learn contextualised ways to engage with their children to improve the child’s ability to develop language skills through meaningful interactions at home. After each workshop, parents are provided with simple DIY activities, relevant to the context of low income, under resourced homes.

These activities support parents in engaging with their children at home with a focus on building language skills. These activities are provided using both offline (Meraki booklets) and online methods. Using voice enabled technology developed in-house, parents with feature phones receive automated voice calls while those with smartphones received automated messages to complement the workshops as well as assist them in using the Meraki booklets. With the Meraki Relay they focus on sustainability that ensures that communities become self-sufficient in solving the issues of poor academic outcomes among their children. With a combination of intensive workshops and regular delivery of activities, their product recognizes the support parents of first generation learners require.