Roberta Michnick Golinkoff


How Reading Books Fosters Language Development around the World

Year of Publication 2011

For roughly forty years, researchers interested in early reading and language development have studied the effects of early home and pre-school experiences.Language has received particular attention because of its centrality to overall human development and its particular importance to reading development[1–3].Dr.Seuss got it right in the quotation above:  learning to read—and being read to—takes you to new places, both literally in terms of children’s development and   metaphorically as reading transports us to new vistas. As researchers examined differences between the growth tra- jectories of children from different backgrounds,it became apparent that environmental factors play a major role in  determining the speed and ultimate success with which children learn to read[4].Some children,notably those from homes where parents are poor and have limited educations,face particular challenges in learning to read.